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Récemment chinées 2 jolis fauteuils couleurs poudrées à admirer à l'infini surtout le guindage des ressorts, je voudrais bien essayer un de ces jours.

Lately found two arm chairs with soft colors that I could admire forever specialy the amazing work of guidage springs under, I would so much like to try one day.



IMG_7839  IMG_7842

IMG_7845  IMG_7852




And a special thank you for all your visits silent or not and your nice comments!Over 12000 visits! WOW!

if I do not always get to answer each of your comments that is often due to two small babies under 5 years old.


Et un merci tout special pour vos visites silencieuses ou non et vos commentaires simpa!plus de 12000 visites! WOW!

Et si je ne rpond pas toujours a chacun de vos com. c'est souvent due a 2 petits banbins. 


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